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Amal Ali - Telling the real story

Refugee Dentist

Shares her role in addressing Tahriib

“Right now I am starting to see and look into possibilities of doing some kind of project, where I can go back home and train local people in dentistry and help students. Because the need is there “

Dr Amal Ali’s family fled Somalia in 1991. She grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr.Ali has always wanted to make a difference, which is one of the main reasons she moved to Oslo to work within the practice and help her community .

In 2015, she went back home to Somalia to see the reality and conditions in the country for herself, going back she realized there was a need for her to transfer her skills and education to those back home.

Listen to Dr.Amal Ali, Somali-Swedish dentist in Norway, Oslo

” We as the diaspora have the obligation to give a correct picture of Europe. Not just Europe I think we have to give a correct picture of the entire world outside of Somalia….

Today’s social media and the pictures that are floating online, makes people think that we are so lucky that we don’t have any problems here when in fact we have more problems than the people back home.

A lot of our issues might not be visible on the outside. But I think, we struggle with identity crises, we struggle with not believing in ourselves and that we feel that we belong somewhere else”…

Listen to Dr. Amal Ali, Somali-Swedish Dentist in Norway, Oslo

Date of interview: 3 February 2017  |  Last modified: 3 February 2017  |
Interview by: Messai Ali  |  Written by: Christa Awuor Odinga  |  Video by: Max-Michel Kolijn
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